Practice Areas

Business LitigationRead More
We represent clients in a broad range of business disputes, including business valuation and dissolution, fair competition, trade secret, insurance coverage, municipal regulation issues, real estate, and consumer class actions. We represent individuals and businesses in contract disputes with suppliers and business customers, disputes over employment issues, and disputes between business owners over valuation and division of businesses, real estate, fair competition, trade secret, and insurance coverage issues.
Civil MediationRead More
Mr. Smith has many years of experience as a civil mediator, helping parties reach resolutions out of court. He uses over 30 years of experience as a litigator in the areas of employment and business litigation to help the parties find creative solutions to their conflicts, saving them the expense and headache of going to court. Litigation is expensive, and that most business and employment disputes are dismissed or settled before going to trial, so much of the expense is incurred just to get some minor positional advantage.
Employment LawRead More
We represent both employees and employers in a variety of employment law issues. These include harassment, discrimination, and wage and hour claims. Our experience representing both employers and employees gives our attorneys a unique understanding of these workplace issues, and the perspective and ability to evaluate claims and pursue the best strategy for the client, whichever side you are on. Mr. Smith also serves as a neutral workplace investigator, helping resolve potential workplace issues before they ever have to go to litigation.
Civil Appellate PracticeRead More
Michael J. F. Smith, APC has experience in preparing and defending civil appeals in California state appellate courts. We have represented the appealing party or the responding party in several appeals. This includes representation of clients where we did not serve as trial counsel. We are skilled in written and oral advocacy, including brief-writing and oral argument. Our appellate work includes reviewing the record, researching and writing appellate briefs, presenting oral arguments, and filing necessary appellate motions before the Court of Appeals.