About Us

We take pride in being strong and fair advocates for our clients. We aggressively present their evidence, and study the law to present all of their claims or defenses.

Our office represents both Plaintiffs and Defendants. Mr. Smith also works as a “neutral” when other lawyers or parties need a neutral and fair-minded mediator, special master, or arbitrator or investigator.

This multi-faceted experience means that Mr. Smith will understand your side of the case, but will also be able to advise you effectively, and from experience, about how the other side, or a future judge or jury, will see the case.

Many lawyers have only ever represented the defense, or the plaintiff. They are “defense oriented” or only do “plaintiff work.” This one-sided approach makes them “specialists,” because they have done the same thing many times, but it also means that they may not see what the other side is up to, or understand the dynamics driving the other side. The analogy would be a football player who has only played defense, or offense. We have done both.

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Mr. Smith has played offense, so he plays better defense. He has played defense, so he plays better offense. He has also been the “referee” when he worked at the Court as a research attorney, or when acting as the special master, judge pro tem, neutral investigator, arbitrator or mediator. Each of these experiences aids him in understanding your particular situation, and the motives and goals of your adversary.

Mr. Migliazzo has been part of the team since he joined us as a law clerk during law school. He has now achieved a substantial degree of expertise in appellate work, wage & hour, employment law, and the evaluation and calculation of damages in employment cases. He has prepared motions and briefs and successfully represented clients at trial in Superior Court, at administrative hearings, and on appeal. He has also been on the team in class actions, and has participated actively in many depositions, mediation and administrative hearings.